Unity Editor Tool for replacing game objects with their source asset. Developed during Godly. If updates to assets have been done that would cause the mesh name, or material slot order to change. This doesn’t propagate to prefabs, leaving a lot of material slots empty. With this tool users would only have to select the items missing the material connection and they should be replaced by the latest version in the asset folder while retaining previous transform.


Control Creator


Utility to aid in placing of controller curves for a rig. Tool allows users to store custom shapes into a library, then later load the curve with or without buffer transforms – at the selected target(s).




Maya Tool for matching geometries. Match is done first by surface area, if more than one candidate the one best matching the target position will be picked. To speed up the match making, item sets are first culled by distance. Making it a requirement for meshes to be somewhat in the same position for a match to be made.

Showing here a worst case scenario where none of the high resolution meshes have been names, and a lot of overlapping separate parts.

User can either load an entire hierarchy or all selected items.

Results will not be 100%, known issues are having more than one high poly mesh for a lower resolution mesh. In most cases the effort of renaming huge sets of geometries should be reduced.

IKFK Switch


Tool to pair blend two sets of transforms onto a target set. Allowing blending between two hierarchies.


Simple drag and drop interface


Gives all controller access to the same attribute.

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